Monday, September 16, 2013

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Interesting numbers I found online!

Mobile has been on the verge of greatness quite a bit in the past. In fact, in comparison to a lot of other major cities we outnumbered them at one point or another!

Mobile had more people than:
  • Chicago, IL in 1840
  • Detroit, MI in 1840
  • Cleveland, OH in 1850
  • Columbus, OH in 1850
  • Milwaukee, WI in 1850
  • Norfolk, VA in 1850
  • Atlanta, GA in 1870
  • Denver, CO in 1870
  • Los Angeles, CA in 1880
  • Seattle, WA in 1880
  • Portland, OR in 1880
  • San Antonio, TX in 1880
  • Dallas, TX in 1880
  • Houston, TX in 1890
  • Miami, FL in 1900
  • Birmingham, AL in 1900
  • San Diego, CA in 1910
  • Tampa, FL in 1950
  • Phoenix, AZ in 1950
  • Jacksonville, FL in 1960
  • Charlotte, NC in 1960
  • Las Vegas, NV in 1980

Sunday, July 3, 2011

8061 Valmoral- Fully Renovated, Maintenance Free

8061 Valmoral in Mobile, AL 36619 is now ready for sale! This is a home I have been remodeling for the last few weeks. It's got some GREAT features and is an excellent home for anyone on a budget that is tired of throwing money away on rent. This home with insurance and taxes included should be at or less than $500 a month. Feel free to call or text and I can show you this home anytime or refer you to a great mortgage broker or lender!

On this home, we redecked the roof and took it a step further by using Timberline Architectural shingles. These shingles last a LOT longer than your standard three tabs and are usually found on much higher priced homes. The vinyl siding is all new and the brick is fresh and clean. All updated plumbing and electrical including a new service box and main line have all been installed. Also, we have a new energy efficient hot water heater and brand new Lennox HVAC system.

I tried to give the person on a budget a kitchen you would find in a much higher priced home by installing all stainless steel GE appliances. The stove is a flat top stove with a multitude of features, excellent dishwasher and vented over the range microwave. You will also see 2cm thick granite countertops and brand new all wood cabinets. 18 inch ceramic tile thruout the kitchen and all the wet areas.

I used my favorite paint, the Eddie Bauer Valspar Signature paint with primer on this home and installed all new six panel doors and designer light fixtures. In the bathroom I put an extra deep tub, light in the shower, over sized sink cabinet with marble top and three door medicine cabinet. The shower wall is all custom ceramic tile.

Hard to beat a corner lot, completley fenced in, small workshop structure in the back yard as well. Oversized carport can later be used for expanding or enclosed for a great garage!

Call or text me anytime to see this house! Thank you!


More Pictures: Flickr Photos of Valmoral For Sale
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Experiences in the For Sale By Owner World... (Mobile, AL)

This post is going to go over a few of my experiences getting started as a home seller and investor. If you are looking for a listing agent to sell your home, please read on! Or better yet just call me at (251) 786-4673 or visit my website at I'd love to work with you!

I completely understand why people try to go "for sale by owner" homes. In fact, back in 2003 when I first got into Real Estate as an investor, the first home I sold, I sold myself. I was in my very early 20's and looking back, probably dumb as a rock. My plan back then was to purchase a home that needed some work at a heavily discounted price, clean it up and empty it out, do some yardwork and wholesale it to an investor. I honestly wanted to use a Realtor for both sides of the transaction. I didn't even mind cutting into my profits to pay for one. All in exchange for a nice, warm, fuzzy secure feeling of having someone experienced in the business that knew how things worked to guide me along and share the workload. I invited a Realtor over to get her opinion of what my newly acquired property was worth in that days market. Well, the meeting came and after walking around the property going "hmmm, wow this is a large home..." and "Oh, yes these are great trees" or "this is a big lot." She never gave me a number of what I should ask for the property instead she defaulted to my expert opinion of what I thought the home was worth, she never asked for my business and I never saw any comparables or similar properties that were for sale in the area... I was as blind as ever... So, I decided to go For Sale By Owner.

I estimated the price I was going to ask by how much profit I wanted and I ended up selling for less than I should have. (but still made a nice profit of exactly what I planned) having a Realtor in that situation would have made me money! Also, the confusion I put up with and don't even get me started on the Real Estate Attorney I used! I am pretty sure he used he every trick in the book to rip the sellers off for his own benefit... I still remember walking into his office, wearing flip flops as a 20 something kid and trying to figure out how he justified keeping the sellers money in a private escrow account for himself... Another story for another day I suppose.

Long story short if I would have had a GOOD realtor that took the time to pull comps, could market and walk me thru who pays for what I would have saved so much headache and money. I probably would have sold the property for 10,000 more, not had the issue with the sellers not getting paid thanks to the shady lawyer (I want to add last year I saw the sellers and asked did they ever get the money for their house and they said NO!) If you are interested in the back story behind that one just email me. I wouldn't have thought it necessary to pay the sellers closing costs and so much more! I mean what buyer pays the sellers closing costs? I just heard talk of closing costs on HGTV and threw that out there! ((again, flip flop wearing 20 year old)

I guess I will chalk that one up as a learning experience that came in handy since I became a Realtor shortly after that, with some great mentors in the business. And at least I made a profit!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Take on Incentives


Have a home that is a close comparable to yours and also on the market? Put an incentive out there to make yours shine!

Great incentive
Nice, shiny grills. All different prices to reflect the value of your home and nice ones start out as low as 250! Make them think of entertaining in your back yard paradise!
Flat Screen TV's. These are great ESPECIALLY if they are relativly new and already hung in the perfect spot. Save your back from trying to remove it, save the wall and save yourself some money. Usually tvs cost a lot less than even the most basic price reduction.
Cook Ware. I wouldn't have thought of this one as a man, until I went to a staged home and saw some very nice Paula Deen Red cookware displayed out. A $200 gift that will really catch their attention and make them remember your home!
Home buyer incenctives can be legal grey areas, I would look into this for your own area. Also, if your home isn't priced right a home buyer incentive isn't going to make magic happen. I have also seen the unfortunant happen where home sellers are throwing in something but the agent puts it where only the other real estate agents can see it. This isn't going to catch buyers eyes when going thru the multitude of homes available in this market!

Need a realtor in Mobile Alabama to sell your home? Contact me! 251.786.4673

Do's and Don't of Home Buyer Incentives

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Looking to SWAP HOUSES, trading homes!

Looking to Swap Homes and trade houses!

Great house where my seller is looking to SWAP homes.

They would like to upsize to either a larger home in the same area (Zip code of 36695) OR get some undeveloped acreage they can build on, especially if it has something they could use as temporary housing.

Currently, their home is a three bedrooms, two bath home with a two car garage. Recently updated with hardwood and custom ceramic tile floors and backsplashes. Large fireplace with mantle, impressive ceilings and the home comes in just under 1,900 square feet. More information available upon request. We can make this work, contact me to begin working out the details.